Services WrenchAt Diamond Office we don’t possess the “store mentality” of having to focus on clearing warehouse stock, common to the traditional office furniture supplier. As a result our approach is not sales-focused but consultary, focussing on the needs of our clients before offering the appropriate products to fulfil these needs.

We believe that the service element of our business is critical to correct product provision, so the time spent analysing the available ranges within the industry ensures a comprehensive basket that adds value to our clients.

Our service element comprises the following:


RepairsWhen something breaks, our immediate reaction is to replace that which doesn’t work anymore. Sometimes a “stitch in time, definitely saves nine”, and we follow that approach. If it costs less to repair, we offer a repairs service to our clients that offers real savings over replacement.

All our products come with a guarantee and we ensure that our clients enjoy the benefits of this guarantee. In the cases that the damage falls outside the ambit of the guarantee on offer, we are able to repair damages goods at a cost far below replacement value, and what’s more, we take the hassle out of your hands by dealing with it on your behalf.


upholstery 01The office furniture that we use at work is used more frequently than the furniture that we use at home. An increase in traffic and the fact that we spend so much time at work adds to the reason that they appear so much more dilapidated.

Fabric is an element that wears quicker than any other in the case of office furniture. While the construction of the furniture is still completely solid, we erroneously assume that certain furniture is in need of replacement. The fabric component of any piece of furniture is a smaller element of the replacement cost of the furniture and one which we at Diamond Office can assist as part of our service offering to our clients.

Space Planning, Rearrangement & Churn

The utilisation of space within the office environment is critical to every modern business. Space costs money and being able to make the best use of the available space on offer affects the bottom line directly.

Service PlanningThis is not as simple as trying to fit as many workstations into the smallest space possible. It involves an understanding of the client’s operational framework and the ability to ensure that the office layout works within that operational framework towards the good of the company objectives.

Space Planning Services

Space PlanningYou understand your goals and objectives and although you are not quite sure what to do with your current office space, our trained consultants can assist you with an office move or reconfiguration.

A space needs analysis is conducted where your current space is analysed. Work spaces and support areas are scrutinised, while taking into consideration your anticipated changes and future goals and objectives.

Supported by graphical representations, we offer you a thorough review of our analysis. Areas analysed include the physical work spaces, as well as the traditional support areas (boardrooms, conference rooms, break and refreshment areas and reception areas).

In our analysis we also address considerations relating to workstation needs, privacy requirements, filing and storage, inventory, ergonomic considerations and general appearance.

We map this together closely with your goals and objectives and present the graphical transformation and reasoning to you in a professional manner.