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The modern working environment has changed dramatically, and continues to evolve, creating the pressure involved with needing to be more effective and productive. It goes without saying that what we use in the workplace has a huge influence in meeting the expectations within the modern office.

Finding the right tools for the job has never been more important, but the sheer volume of products on offer, makes it difficult to decide which products are best suited for the job, while keeping budgetary considerations in mind.

With years of experience, solid industry knowledge and a finger on the pulse in the office product industry, we offer our clients direct access to the product ranges of all the major local office furniture manufacturers and suppliers. Without the financial pressures associated with warehousing and other logistical requirements, we can offer access to these products at a considerably lower price than conventional office furniture dealers.

Our personal service and client-focused approach serves further to distinguish us from mere furniture suppliers and establishes us as true solution providers. We share very strong relationships with the major manufacturers within the industry. Having direct contact to the source of production ensures that we can guarantee the highest standard of quality on all the products that we offer, while assuring the continuity of supply on all ranges.

An additional benefit of our relationships with the manufacturers in the industry is the ability that it gives us to offer custom-designed and manufactured products. You are not limited to a catalogue of products, as we can offer you products that are tailor-made for your working environment.

Our Consultative Services Include:

Space Planning & Design Services

Space PlanningYou understand your goals and objectives and although you are not quite sure what to do with your current office space, our trained consultants can assist you with an office move or reconfiguration.

A space needs analysis is conducted where your current space is analysed. Work spaces and support areas are scrutinised, while taking into consideration your anticipated changes and future goals and objectives.

Supported by graphical representations, we offer you a thorough review of our analysis. Areas analysed include the physical work spaces, as well as the traditional support areas (boardrooms, conference rooms, break and refreshment areas and reception areas).

In our analysis we also address considerations relating to workstation needs, privacy requirements, filing and storage, inventory, ergonomic considerations and general appearance.

We map this together closely with your goals and objectives and present the graphical transformation and reasoning to you in a professional manner.

Project Management

Project ManagementAs with all things, good plans and ideas remain precisely that unless they are driven successfully to fruition. This is where our project management services assist. From inception to handover, our we ensure that you always have a finger placed firmly on the pulse during the project lifecycle.

The entire project lifecycle is mapped out according to the project objectives, as the basis for the project. Milestones are established in line with client expectations and needs and the client is kept updated during the entire process.

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